Working title: "Where's Mine?"

   I have recently recorded a pretty ambitious project, a Chamber Jazz Suite, featuring Alex Coke, flute, Sue Terry, clarinet, Alex Heitlinger, trombone, Ilia DelaRosa, cello, Richard Mikel, bass, Wayne Salzmann, drums, Suzi Stern, vocals, and myself. Recorded at George Oldziey Studio, in Austin.

   This is a collection of my music from the late '90's through the now, that has a special place in my heart: one of the tunes, "Phille" was written around the time of my mother's death, and occupied my emotions for several weeks around that time. I have to say, I am so grateful for the music, especially at times like these. The other compositions are equally poignant, and I felt they deserved preservation, hence the recording. They probably won't get much play in the traditional 'jazz clubs', as the music is somewhere between classical and jazz, between Brazilian and funk, and for me -- this grouping represents my musical 'truth', I'm hoping to have it out in late summer. It will be released on my Estrella label. I can't wait!