Z Octet (with Su Terry, Alex Coke, Suzi Stern, Alex Heitlinger, Richard Mikel, Wayne Salzmann, Ilia Delarosa)


The Art of the Duo

Peggy Stern - Piano
"Sweet" Sue Terry - Saxophone


  1. Bon o Bon
  2. Mrs. Martin
  3. Hawk & Crow
  4. There Will Never Be Another You / Weaver of Dreams
  5. Gilly's Caper
  6. Taking Sides 
  7. The Troubadours
  8. Everything Happens to Me
  9. Pinteca 

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Estrella Trio

Peggy Stern - Piano
Lew Scott - Bass
Peter O'Brien - Drums


  1. You Don't Know What Love Is
  2. Thomas
  3. Red Bug Slough 
  4. Bonobon 
  5. Sonnet (Marley)
  6. Precious Little
  7. Delfine
  8. Bore Me With Your Love
  9. You & the Night & the Music
  10. Cercolo
  11. Lemon Merengue
  12. Moki/Boaf

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Actual Size

Peggy Stern - Piano
John McKenna - Tenor Saxophone
Ron Horton - Trumpet
Art Baron - Trombone
Harvie S - Bass
Art Kell - Bass
Bernard Purdie - Drums
Tony Moreno - Drums
Memo Acevedo - Percussion


  1. Salsicle
  2. New Rain 
  3. Actual Size 
  4. Fugue
  5. Buckleup
  6. The Aerie
  7. Room Enough
  8. Leeway
  9. Attila/Zolong
  10. Sunbath
  11. Toe to Toe

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Blood & Treasure

Peggy Stern - Piano
Giulio Martino - Tenor and Soprano Sax
Giuseppe Bassi - Acoustic Bass
Mimmo Campanale - Drums


  1. Blood & Treasure
  2. Buon Compleanno
  3. Bore Me with Your Love
  4. Hand Me Down
  5. Thomas
  6. Ghost Blues
  7. Specchio
  8. Spring Time

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Room Enough

Peggy Stern - Piano
Harvie S - Bass
Jeff Williams - Drums


  1. Not for Nothing
  2. Lemonessence [audio:Lemonessence.mp3|titles=Lemonessence|artists=Peggy Stern]
  3. Crazy He Calls Me [audio:Crazy-He-Calls-Me.mp3|titles=Crazy He Calls Me|artists=Peggy Stern]
  4. Star Eyes
  5. Lila
  6. Chelsea Bridge
  7. Sunk In Love
  8. I Wish I Knew / Room Enough
  9. Along Together
  10. Such As It Is
  11. Isn't It Romantic

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Peggy Stern - Piano
Giulio Martino - Saxophone


  1. Actual Size
  2. I Didn't Know What Time It Was
  3. Flinch
  4. Time @ Time
  5. I Wish I Knew
  6. Favela
  7. Body and Soul
  8. Stars Fell on Alabama
  9. Ipse Dixit
  10. Freepse

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Christmas Collection

Peggy Stern - Piano


  1. Fiona 
  2. Greensleeves
  3. Xmas Medley #1
  4. Strayaway Child 
  5. Good Christian Men Rejoice
  6. Raysha
  7. Xmas Medley #2
  8. Au Jardin d'Amour
  9. Wake Up, Little Drummer Boy
  10. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
  11. Threnody
  12. Pax

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The Fuschia

Peggy Stern - Piano
Thomas Chapin - Flute, Alto Sax
Drew Gress - Bass
Bobby Previte - Drums


  1. Lemon Essence
  2. Bar Flies
  3. Win Slow
  4. Don't Mind If I Do
  5. The Fuschia
  6. The Tomboy
  7. You in the Nightie
  8. The Magpie
  9. Can't Complain
  10. Not Since Bud

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Peggy Stern - Piano
Ben Allison - Bass
Jeff Williams - Drums


  1. Mourning Dove
  2. On Green Dolphin Street
  3. Hera
  4. You Don't Know What Love Is
  5. The Flake
  6. Stanbye
  7. Plieades
  8. Ferret's Wheel
  9. Everything Happens to Me
  10. Far Cry
  11. Sugami
  12. I Hear a Rhapsody

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The Jobim Collection

Lee Konitz - Alto Sax
Peggy Stern - Piano, Synthesizer


  1. Zingaro
  2. Felicidade
  3. Dindi 
  4. Favela
  5. Triste
  6. Corcovado
  7. Brigas, Nunca Mais
  8. How Insensitive
  9. Chega de Saudade
  10. Luiza
  11. One Note Samba
  12. Wave
  13. Meditation (Meditação)
  14. Girl from Ipanema 

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Lee Konitz - Alto Saxophone
Peggy Stern - Piano
Vic Juris - Guitar
Harvie S - Bass
Jeff Williams - Drums
Guilherme Franco - Percussion


  1. Subconscious Lee II
  2. Femaleon
  3. Bossa Tia
  4. Final Blow
  5. Lunasea
  6. Matter Of Opinion
  7. Aerie
  8. Leeway
  9. Stanbye
  10. To Peggy
  11. Solo Too
  12. Opertune
  13. Djuo
  14. S'Gone
  15. P.S.


Peggy Stern - Piano, Keyboards


  1. Shalom Aleichem
  2. Ma Avarech
  3. Shalom Haverim
  4. Hu Yiftech Libenu
  5. Hine MaTov
  6. Hana'avah Babanot
  7. Mi Ha-Ish
  8. Hine MaTov
  9. Elohim Nora
  10. Mode Ani
  11. Allele
  12. Hatikvah

Reviews of Z Octet

Mike Greenblatt (m.greenblatt@classicalite.com)


Peggy Stern

Pianist/Composer Peggy Stern leads her 'Z Octet' on genre-baffling new release. (Photo : Brenda Ladd)

Peggy Stern is a musician's musician. She's made her mark in Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York City, Europe, Seattle and now Austin (where she's embraced country music; see embedded video). Her multi-hued musical worldview also includes classical, salsa, Latin rock, jazz and R'n'B. Her new Z Octet on her own Estrella Productions label veers classical as a suite in 10 movements. To that end, she's enlisted musicians like cello virtuoso Ilia Delarosa from the Dominican Republic to go with her piano and such colors as flute, clarinet and trombone, all anchored by bass, drums and even vocals.

Yet it's her solo piano treatise "Time @ Time/Hymn" that steals the show. Taken from melodic fragments of the 1947 standard "Time After Time," it's a fascinating unraveling and putting back together of a song that's been ingrained in our collective DNA for 69 years.

"The Elephant's Tango" opens on a flurry of notes. The following "New Year's" is akin to an Americana anthem complete with vocals ("since the dawn of time we like to live in fear"). The only other track with vocals is "Caterina/Isabela." Sung in Italian by Suzi Stern (no relation), it's the true story of a woman from the pianist's River Jazz Choir killed in a car crash nine months pregnant and of the baby who miraculously survived ("when the young play/it's the simple truth that every bell wants to ring/Listen! You can hear it/The sound of every distant star in the sky lighting our way").

Peggy Stern has taken from her experiences playing in the bands of Eddie Henderson, Machito and Lee Konitz to weave a very special tapestry of indefinable music that bobs and weaves like a boxer named Ali. - 

Mike Greenblatt (m.greenblatt@classicalite.com)



The music on Z Octet runs a wide gamut, from the humid southern hemisphere stylings of "The Elephant's Tango" to the vocally inflected "New Years" to the elegantly pastoral solo piano of "Red Bug Slough" (channeling the spirit of Aaron Copland crossed with George Winston). Just when you think you have gotten beyond any jazz, "Anomie" shows up, reed-rich and jaunty with plenty of sass and attitude. Even Alex Coke's subdued flute pipes up with Su Terry's dry clarinet when pitted against Alex Heitlinger's muted, talking trombone. This is Duke Ellington’s brilliance, Maria Schneider’s local color, and Miles Davis’ diamond hard seriousness all melded and tempered by a singular mind and talent into a cogent and familiar musical statement.

New CD

Pianist Peggy Stern

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